Pottery Information

All pottery is made in our Kapaa studio. I make all my own glazes and have been researching and developing glazes for 25 years. Many of my glazes are unique. I fire functional and most sculptural ware to 2300° or cone 10 in a gas (propane) updraft kiln in an oxidation atmosphere. All functional ware is food-safe, and dishwasher & microwave safe. High fire copper red glazes use silicon carbide as a reducing agent in the glaze. Red is the most difficult and temperamental color to produce. I’m continuing with my “Hawaiian Totems” series featuring images of whales, chickens, turtles, etc.

My latest passion is highly patterned colored clay millefiori pots. To make these pots intricately patterned blocks of colored clays are painstakingly assembled. Thin slices off these blocks are then inlaid on pots being thrown on the wheel. These pots are high-fired with a clear glaze. This is a labor intensive but rewarding process that has fired my imagination incredibly. I’m more excited about this process than I have been about anything I’ve ever done in ceramics. I lay awake at night dreaming of the possibilities.