Dean McRaine
Dean Loading Kiln

Although I’ve always been artistic, I’ve not had much formal education in ceramics. My professional training is in family therapy. I started doing pottery to balance the stress of working with dysfunctional families.  I am mostly self-taught in ceramics and as a result I have followed some unusual pathways like single firing, cone 10 oxidation glaze making, waste vegetable oil firing and colored clay millefiori techniques.  I’ve read lots of books and magazines and websites about pottery over the years. Much of my education as a ceramic artist has come through trial and error. I’m always curious to try a new technique or a new approach. Even after 30 years of pottery making, I’m still curious. The colored clay work that I’m doing now seems to have unlimited possibilities and I will probably be exploring it for a long time to come. Colored clay fascinates me. I took a short, beginning workshop In colored clay techniques nine years ago and I knew immediately that I had found “my thing.“ I have been rapidly developing my techniques since then. Colored clay offers unique visual possibilities of color, detail, pattern, image creation and abstract design that are unavailable from any other ceramic technique. It’s psychedelic! I love that word. It’s like a new art-form, outside the traditional boundaries of ceramic techniques. I’ve always been an “outside the box“ kind of guy. I’ve never fit into any traditional mold. I’m blessed and cursed with a restless spirit. I always want to discover something new. Colored clay allows me to do this. Each new design I create opens up a whole new world of possibilities.
Dean McRaine

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