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Aloha and welcome to LightWave Pottery!  On this page you’ll find an introduction to LightWave Pottery and additional resources if you’d like to learn more (videos, podcasts, interviews and more). 

LightWave is about the magic of creation and the alchemy of ceramics. Our studio is located in central Kapaa on the island of Kauai.

Many of my pieces are whimsical, for me making art is a playful occupation. I want my customers to also enjoy and have fun with my work. In everything I do I seek to express the beauty of  Hawaii and the brilliant color of higher dimensional realities. Puff, the magic dragon is my mascot. dragon

My goal as an artist is create work that is beautiful and uplifting and brings joy to those who see it. I am self-taught.  My journey as an artist has led me to explore many relatively untraveled paths in my search for beauty in Ceramic Art. Hence, many of my making techniques, glazes and firing processes are original and unique. I have been testing and developing ceramic glazes for 30+ years.

All my pottery is handmade in my studio. I’m always happy to give a tour of the workshop and share a few potter’s secrets. My studio showroom was my main outlet for my functional, high fire pots and ceramic art – but now I’m focusing more on online sales through Etsy and eBay.

To learn more about me and/or my process, please browse the videos, podcasts and interviews below.

Dean McRaine


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Here’s more from an interview with Dean
How did you get into pottery?

I’ve always made things with my hands. My earliest memories as a child are of making toys out of wood and rocks. I worked in many mediums but I settled on clay. I don’t know why, I guess it chose me. I am fascinated by it. Clay is magic. A child can shape it with bare hands but when it’s fired it will last 10,000 years.

I’m self-taught. I have only had a few teachers and very briefly, but I have read widely and constantly. I have listened to the voice of my spirit and explored many unknown corners of the ceramic world looking for a way to express the beauty I feel in the world. When I discovered colored clay I knew I had found my “thing”, a realm of light and magic that was largely unexplored.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Everywhere. Trees, flowers, birds, fish and the light on the ocean. The sunrise, the sunset, butterflies, Paintings, Weavings, Pottery, glass, graphics that appear as I walk through my life on beach towels, shower curtains, murals and packages of cookies. That light that shines in everything, the smile of a beautiful woman, the laughter in a child’s eyes, the feeling of coming home, the joy of our loved ones who have crossed over to the other side. Music. Music from Iz, Bob Dylan, Sting, Norah Jones, the Beatles, too many to list. I love a thousand others who dive into the great mystery and return to play and sing from their soul.

What motivates you to do art?

Creating is like breathing to me. It’s necessary to live. If I’m not creating I get very unhappy. I love color. Color is the language of light. I try to show the light behind the world that shines through it if you can see it. I want my work to uplift those who see it. One customer said that my work was “happiness made solid”. It was the nicest compliment and the best description of what I’m trying to do.

What are your other interests?

I work on staying healthy and happy. I listen for the small voice of my soul, I try to notice the flow of the Tao. I enjoy sports. I hike, meditate by the sea, do yoga, kiteboard, Golf and bike. I love Kauai and the beautiful community of people here. Running my studio is my major focus.