Colored Clay

The pieces on this page are all made with colored clay. The colorful designs are in the clay itself. They are glazed with a transparent glaze. To create these pieces I build a 20-30 lb block of colored clay seen in the last two pictures. This process is lengthy, usually 2-4 weeks. Once complete, thin slices are cut from the block using fine wire. The slices are laminated to wheel thrown or slab built work or used on their own for solid colored clay pieces. One block will produce 50-60 slices and a corresponding amount of work.

I am very excited about this process. It is labor intensive but there is no other clay technique that I have found that can produce the rich, complex patterns and images that can be created in this way with colored clay.

My mission as an artist is to manifest the beauty of invisible higher vibrational energies in physical form. I feel that I was guided by my spirit into my new work with colored clay as a way to express that beauty.